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Monday, May 08, 2006

Will the Real Brad Biers Please Stand Up?

Brad Biers is Michele Bachmann's former campaign manager. He is now running for an open house seat in Blaine.

His site used to focus on being "pro-life" and favoring the Bachmann amendment:

Where Brad Stands On The Issues
I am for limited government
and that includes controlling increased taxes. I will never vote for an increase in taxes * or a fee disguised as a tax! Increasing taxes is a failed policy that only chases business expansion from Minnesota.

I am pro-life.
I have never supported or worked for a candidate who isn't solidly pro-life. Protecting life is a bedrock Republican value. We had a good turnout at the 2006 pro-life rally at the Capitol and I was proud to once again participate in the March for Life.

As a hunter and fisherman, I am a strong supporter of 2nd Amendment rights.

I am a strong supporter of traditional marriage.
The Minnesota Legislature is struggling with one of the most monumental decisions we have faced in years: gay marriage. I am a strong supporter of traditional marriage and the marriage amendment to the Minnesota State Constitution.

Blaine stadium proposal.
I am concerned about how Anoka County is handling the Blaine stadium proposal. The question must appear on the ballot so that residents of Blaine can vote on the stadium proposal.

On education, I support the 70% spent in the classroom proposal.

Brad Biers website as it was viewed on 4/29/2006.

Here's what his website looks like now.

The mention of the Bachmann amendment has been stripped from the website. Remember that this is the district where Senate Judiciary Chair, Don Betzold lives and will be targeted by the anti-gay activists.

Brad Biers site has been purged of these references and replaced with this:

Where Brad Stands On The Issues

Transportation -
I want to work with local and state officials to make sure Highway 65 is prioritized in state funding. We also have to work on issues related to the Blaine Airport and Interstate 35.

Education -
I will work for fair funding for our schools and teachers. Our children are the future workforce and we must give them the best quality education that we can.

As a hunter and fisherman, I support Sportsmen's issues.

Health Care -
The cost of health care is putting a real pinch on Blaine families and businesses. I want to work to find ways to provide quality, affordable health care.

Economic Development -
With all the people moving to Blaine, I want to work with the local business community to add to our quality of life by growing jobs and providing a good community for businesses to move to.

Andy Aplikowski is the chair of that Senate District and wrote on his blog:

Support for the amendment is down from last year, it is no longer the 70% issue it used to be. When your enemy sees a weakness they exploit it. The DFL no longer had to beat the Republican ideas, they just have to paint us with a broad brush. And you know what we opened the darn paint can for them.

That's referring to the endorsement last Saturday of Senator Michele Bachmann for congress.

Maybe Republican candidates are finally beginning to get that focusing on the Bachmann amendment at the expense of all other issues isn't going to do it for them.