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Saturday, June 24, 2006

58B DFL Convention

I stopped by to observe the 58B convention. There were 4 candidates:

Willie Dominguez
Tonia Johnson
Antonio Rosell
Tom Lewinski (sp?)

First Ballot had Willie Dominguez and Antonio Rosell tied for first place (33%). Tonia Johnson followed at around 28%, and Tom Lewinski got two votes. Lewinski was dropped. After the 3rd ballot, Tonia Johnson fell below 25% and she was dropped. Antonio was leading by about 5%. During the 4th and 5th ballot Antonio was slowly gaining. He was at 56% on the 5th ballot. I left at that point thinking Antonio was going to win the endorsement. I heard later from Ken Avidor that things switched around at the 6th ballot. At that point Antonio dropped out, and Willie Dominguez got endorsed. Dominguez was the candidate being pushed by Jackie Cherryhomes.

I also saw a number of people who are active in Stonewall DFL at the convention. I confirmed that as reported earlier, Mike Hatch never showed up at any of the Stonewall DFL state convention meetings. Dyna Slyter also noted to me that Stonewall had not endorsed in the Governor's race. I found out from Megan Thomas that Hatch did meet with Stonewall DFL and that I should "find out more tomorrow". Does that mean that Hatch will show up at Gay Pride?