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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Aravosis's Partisan Wingnuttery

John Aravosis is the blogger who started the "Dear Mary" campaign, putting Mary Cheney's face on a milk carton. This was a vile campaign, and did nothing to help the gay community - and was all about punishing Mary Cheney for being loyal to her father. Now Aravosis is crowing about the brilliance of how the Democrats reacted during the Federal Marriage Amendment debate.

It's Terri Schiavo all over again.

And kudos to Senator Reid and the Democrats for refusing to take the bait on this one. The Republicans tried to sucker punch the Dems into a three-day debate on gay marriage. So, Harry Reid is giving them a three day debate on why they're afraid to talk about Iraq, gas prices, and the war on terror. Brilliant.

As an aside, our audience on this blog, and thus our strategies, are somewhat different than Senator Reid's. He has to convince the public that the Republicans are out of touch while the Democrats want to deal with the top issues of concern to Americans.

We, on the other hand, want to teach the Republicans a lesson in what's going to happen to them when they choose to gay-bait in the future. They'll be tormented (a la Mary Cheney), outed (a la... well... you know who), and incessantly pestered by phone and at public meetings about whether they abstain from the very sexual practices they demonize us for. Our strategy is: Once burned, twice shy.

Well actually, this is the Democratic strategy - blame the republicans for distracting the public on this issue, all the while doing nothing to use the time debating this issue explaining why the amendment is a bad idea. Then keep on asking gays to give the DNC, DCCC and DSCC money. Gays should be giving money directly to the organizations fighting the anti-gay initiatives in the states.

Since we avoided an amendment fight here in Minnesota, I urge people to consider helping Wisconsin defeat this nonsense.

A Fair Wisconsin Votes No

Fair Wisconsin has an excellent blog, No on the Amendment that describes what's going on there...

It seems like unlike South Carolina, HRC is actually lending support in the fight against the amendment in Wisconsin.

I hope gay groups fighting this will ask Mary Cheney to help - and I hope Mary Cheney answers their pleas.

If Mary Cheney and her parents help defeat these amendments in Wisconsin and elsewhere, what will John Aravosis do?

UPDATE: From Pam Spaulding's comments about "Defender of Marriage", Hillary Clinton, who has taken the "brave" stand of opposing the so-called "Marriage Protection Amendment."

Hillary's traditional marriage means one husband, one wife, four cocktail waitresses, three Miss America contestants, two interns, one cashier at Red Lobster...

(EVERYBODY join in!)

And a par-trid-ge in a pear tree.