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Friday, June 02, 2006

Berg Can't Leave it Alone

From Shot in the Foot:

I was a libertarian - small "l" and big - back when Democrats, Greens and Maoists all over Minnesota and the nation thought that little things like worrying about eroding civil rights was something done whilst wrapped in tinfoil.

From the comments:

This argument is so confidently spun, while so completely devoid of sense and reason, that I can only assume you're trying out your law school application essay on us.

Jeeziz, Mitch, I know it's fun to fancy yourself a libertarian, but it's kind of inconsistent with being an apologist for secret domestic spying by the federal government. As a pal, I'd suggest you just keep quiet about the whole libertarian thing for awhile, cause it makes you look foolish. You're as convincing as some 50 year-old Algebra teacher trying to "relate" to the kids by casually sprinkling his conversation with hip-hop phrases gleaned from Newsweek.

Embrace what you are: a conservative who has hitched his star to the policies and political success of the current administration. Libertarianism requires you to condemn government overreaching, whichever party happens to be in power. You won't do that. When it comes to libertarianism you're - at best - a poseur, a dilettante; at worst, a phony.

As for the idea that lefties have just "discovered civil liberty," let me refer you to the ACLU, founded in 1920. I know, they don't promote free access to guns or back a flat tax, so they can't be promoting *real* civil liberties. But please, let's just be quiet about the relative bona fides of the left and right on libertarian issues. Cause you're just not in a position to make the argument without looking kind of silly. -- angryclown

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