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Friday, June 09, 2006

Bleating by the FRC

It would be interesting to find out the real story behind some of these claims:

Marriage Mockers

Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) sneers that defenders of marriage are bigots "pure and simple." Such talk is giving aid and comfort to others who publicly mock marriage. We've reported on the Truro, Mass., fire engineer who was fired because he signed a pro-marriage petition. Now we learn that in Florida, police harassed and ridiculed petition gatherers. The police officers in Sunrise, Fla., ordered Nathan Dunn to stop circulating a petition for signatures to put marriage on the ballot in the Sunshine State. Dunn is Vice President of the Florida Family Policy Council. Two of the male officers mocked the petition drive by publicly kissing each other. Worse, this incident took place at a Promise Keepers gathering. The petition effort had been approved by PK leaders. Sergeant Stephen Allen, it quickly became clear, is a backer of gay marriage. FRC is looking into these actions and will seek an appropriate legal and legislative remedy. The right of petition is fundamental. Harassment such as we've seen in Massachusetts and Florida give the lie to Ted Kennedy's slander. There is bigotry in this debate--and it's all coming from his side. Does Kennedy think his fellow Democrats in the Pennsylvania state legislature are bigots? While Mr. Kennedy was engaged in hate speech on the Senate floor against supporters of marriage, the Democratic-controlled House in Pennsylvania approved a marriage protection amendment for the Keystone State. The vote was 136-61. Michael Geer and the Pennsylvania Family Institute are to be congratulated for this important victory.

I just went over to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives page on the web, and it appears that Democrats are in the minority not the majority. How do I know? Well the speaker is a Republican, and the floor leader is a Republican.

That being said, there were clearly a number of Democrats who voted for this amendment.