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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Blogs on Cheney's Fundraiser for Bachmann

Pam Spaulding.

The obsessive, craven homobigotry of Minnesota State Senator Michele Bachmann is well-known to residents of the state, and she wants to impose her batsh*ttery on the Hill by running for Congress (MN’s 6th District). She has made a name for herself by railing on and on about protecting the sanctity of marriage and the sickness of gays (she's a running buddy of professional "former homosexual" Janet "rape causes lesbianism" Boynes) and has made my blog several times now. Her pet issue to date has been a state marriage amendment (which didn't make it to the MN Senate floor for debate).

It looks like, even though he has a lesbian daughter and opposes a federal marriage amendment, the Dark Lord is welcome to raise cash for Bachmann's coffers. According to the AP, Cheney will be slithering into the state to attend a Minneapolis fundraiser for her on June 26.

Winger quotes Roll Call on the upcoming fundraiser.

Gay Opinion Blog
reprinting Strib Letter to Editor:

Cheney stumps for Bachmann

So, Vice President Dick Cheney, loving father of a lesbian, is flying to Minnesota to help Michele Bachmann, the highly outspoken enemy to gay marriage and gay civil rights, raise money for her bid for the U.S. Congress. What makes me so spitting mad is that I cannot decide whether irony or pandering has the upper hand here.


MN Publius:

Michelle [sic] Bachmann screams from the mountaintops for years about how gay marriage is so important that she's willing ot bring the legislature to a grinding halt. One of her arguments is that the traditional family is under attack. I wonder, what does she think of Vice-President Cheney's family?
She'll gladly keep her mouth shut, I imagine, as long as he brings in $250/head [$1K for an 'intimate reception with a picture] at a swanky fundraiser on Lake Minnetonka on June 26th.

William Hawks, who is holding the fundraiser is the owner of Crown Hydro, proposing to take over Mill Ruins Park using eminent domain. Minneapolis Park Watch has lots of good information about Crown Hydro.

DU Thread about William Hawks, Cheney and Bachmann here.