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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Blogs on the Drama Queen's New Gig


Polinaut reports that Michael Brodkorb of Minnesota Democrats Exposed is now working for the Mark Kennedy campaign. Since he doesn't see any conflict of interest, he will continue to write MDE.
Did Brodkorb really say he can do this 'since his ideas are his own'?


A few months ago, I caused a firestorm when I asked whether any bloggers were tied to any campaigns. Apparently it was perceived as innuendo, and when it comes to blogger-MSM innuendo, it's a one-way street.

At the time, the one prominent blog I never heard from was Minnesota Democrats Exposed, a must-read blog that dares to say what no campaign in this safe, poll-driven, mush world of campaign flaks and consultants would ever allow on its own.

What always interested me is the work blogger Michael Brodkorb did was invariably picked up -- as themes -- by the state Republican Party; not surprising since Brodkorb is a former communications boss with the state Republican Party under then-chair Ron Eibensteiner. Up until he got sued by Blois Olson, the identity of the writer of MDE was a secret, at least creating the illusion that there was a good reason for anonymity.

And a Polinaut comment:

And Mr. Brodkorb was the one who shut down all debate at the GOP convention to make sure no one would question the ruberstamp/railroad of Pawlenty endorsement. He has always been in Ron's back pocket and will continue to be a shill for the Party Leadership
Posted by Sam at June 20, 2006 04:45 PM

This reminds me of MN Publius's claim:

A MN Publius reader has tipped us off that Michael Brodkorb of MDE has been paid in the last three weeks to do opposition research on Amy Klobuchar. The source could not name who is paying Brodkorb, but is absolutely certain that he has been contracted to do this work. Michael Brodkorb's exact connection to the MN GOP Party has been continually questioned but Brodkorb has never given a definitive answer. In light of the recently revised FEC rules governing bloggers paid by political organizations, MN Publius challenged Brodkorb to delineate his exact connections to political organizations but he, again, skirted the issue.

Brodkorb at the time responded:

MN Publius has made a very serious charge against me and I feel the need to respond. I am not getting paid to do research on Amy Klobuchar. I am not paid by any campaign or political party to do oppostion research on Democrats. I am not paid to blog.

I couldn't blog on Minnesota Democrats Exposed and work on a campaign. No campaign manager or candidate would allow me to continuing blogging on Minnesota Democrats Exposed and work on their campaign at the same time.

To be completely honest, my work on Minnesota Democrats Exposed has limited my ability to work professionally in politics. There have been days when I have thought about ending Minnesota Democrats Exposed so a few doors that have been closed could open back up.

As Bob Collins at Polinaut concludes:

Brodkorb, however, says you might see a "small drop" in coverage of the U.S. Senate race. Even so, the relationship between MDE and the Mark Kennedy campaign is going to strain the ability of either side to avoid responsibility for the words and actions of the other. Like it or not, there is now a "connection" between the Kennedy campaign and MDE.