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Friday, June 02, 2006

Breathing different air at the Minneapolis Convention Center....

I've been listening to some of the MPR coverage of the GOP convention. The interviews with delegates are kind of stunning.

In the same breath, the interviewees will still call the Governor a 'true conservative', and then explain away the Hennepin County stadium scam. They're holding Tim blameless, while in fact he's the one who got on his bully pulpit to encourage county and city governments to make deals that didn't require state general fund dollars.

The most recent interviewee said something like 'Well, the House and Senate both passed the stadium bill, so the Governor signed it. If he had vetoed it, they would have probably over-ridden the veto'.

Mr. Delegate - your spaceship is idling in the Central Lutheran Church parking ramp, ready to whisk you back to your home galaxy. The stadium bill passed by 2 votes in the Senate, and by 10 votes in the House. A veto over-ride requires considerably more support. This idiot should read newspapers and do independent research of FACTS, versus getting all of his information from campaign literature.

Just this morning I was happy to return a fundraising solicitation to the Governor's re-election campaign office, noting that I was casting my vote for Sue Jeffers.