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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Craig Westover Parrots Front Page's Straw Man Arguments


Craig mentions a recent Karl Rove statement about the left vs right blogs and quotes from a Front Page summary of Lefty blog response. The Front Page story attributed quotes from a commenter to Rawstory. Here's the Rawstory response to Rove. Here's what Frontpage said:

"F**k you Karl Rove," was how Raw began its studied response. "We are angry and we hate you and your boss as well as the rest of the f***ed up media and crony s*#t we all see all the time in addition to what has become of a once great country going down the tubes!!!!"

This was a comment to Rawstory's story - but wasn't the original story. This would be like a lefty blogger attributing one of Swiftee's more colorful comments to Craig.

This is poor work by Craig Westover to accept the Frontpage story without fact checking (a single click away). I'd expect better of him. Powerliberal has more.

To his credit, Westover posts my email to him on this. Westover should post links to some of the original lefty sources, rather than to Frontpage, so his readers can go and get the full story from the original horse's mouth.

Jeff Kouba from Bachmann v Wetterling also crows about the Frontpage story. Unfortunately Bachmann v Wetterling doesn't take comments, which are critical for the proper function of the "self-correcting blogosphere".