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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

FRC has cow over Governor Erlich Firing Anti-gay Activist from DC Metro Board

From the FRC's daily bleating.....

Sexual Liberty Trumps Religious Liberty

Maryland governor, Robert Ehrlich (R) caved into radical homosexual activists and fired Robert J. Smith as his appointee to the Washington, D.C. Metro Board. All sides agree that Smith is an unusually diligent member of the Metro Board and that he actually reads the detailed financial reports of the capital region's excellent subway system. So what was Smith's offense? He expressed his belief as a Roman Catholic that homosexual behavior is "deviant." Smith made the statement as part of a political discussion about the marriage amendment on a cable TV channel, a venue completely apart from his duties as a Metro Board Member. Ehrlich acted quickly to meet the demand of openly homosexual Metro Board member Jim Graham that Smith recant his statement or be removed. Ehrlich's removal of Smith shows he is willing to deny religious liberty and freedom of speech to believing Catholics-to appease militant homosexuals. At the same time, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is hosting several homosexual activists as speakers here in Washington for its officially sanctioned observance of June as "gay pride" month. There is a clear connection between the EPA and the actions of Ehrlich. When the government affirms homosexuality, it must suppress religious freedom. The EPA has received hundreds of thousands of calls as a result of an e-mail by my good friend Don Wildmon at the American Family Association. Nonetheless, a spokesman for the Bush Administration's EPA says, "There are no plans to change anything." Contact Gov. Bob Ehrlich and ask him to borrow a backbone and stand up for his appointee and reinstate Robert Smith. Also, contact the White House and ask them to stop creating a hostile environment for Christians by allowing their agencies to publicly endorse and promote homosexuality.

More at the Washington Blade. Dan Blatt comments on this one at Gay Patriot. This generated interesting discussion in the comments.