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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Green Party Auditor Candidate Dave Berger Announces Petition to Run


Dave Berger
(612) 338-3630


Dave Berger Endorsed by Green Party of Minnesota

At the special Endorsing Meeting on Sunday, June 25, 2006, Dave Berger was nominated and endorsed by the Green Party of Minnesota to run for State Auditor! This day was chosen to endorse Dave since it was the day of the Pride Parade in Minneapolis.

Both the Republican (Pat Anderson) and the Democrat (Rebecca Otto) running for State Auditor have publicly supported the Bachmann Amendment (the anti-gay/lesbian marriage amendment). "The State Auditor must be objective," states Dave. "How can you be an effective auditor if you don't believe that everyone should be treated the same?"

At the meeting, there were 48 absentee ballots counted, and 24 ballots cast by Green Party members that attended. The tally was near unanimous for endorsement with 71 votes to endorse Dave, and 1 vote for NOTA (None of the above).

Thanks to all of the delegates that participated in promoting grassroots democracy.

In an email sent out to supporters dated June 21, 2006, the Otto campaign stated "Rebecca's greener than the green candidate - and possibly greener than any candidate ever to run in Minnesota!" The evidence provided included having a passive solar home and driving a hybrid car. "Being Green is more than having a house that faces South and the type of car you drive." Dave stated at the meeting. "It also means defending equal rights for everyone." "If being Green is how Ms. Otto measures it, than George Bush is Green because his Crawford ranch uses alternative energy technology!"

"I am flattered, however," stated Dave, "that the Otto campaign mentions me in their email broadcasts." "They must consider me a real threat to them!"

Our next hurdle is Ballot Access! Beginning July 4th we need to collect 2,000 signatures to insure that Dave is on the ballot. Petitions can be picked up from the GPMN office, will be available for download from the web site (, or, we can mail them to you! Call Dave Page at (651) 450-8540 and he can mail you some petitions and instructions. You can also volunteer to collect signatures at upcoming events including the July 4th parade in Edina and the Taste of Minnesota.

For more information:

Dave Berger for Minnesota State Auditor www.daveberger.org_

For more information on the Green Party of Minnesota:
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