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Friday, June 30, 2006

Keith Ellison, TC Pride and the Drama Queen - Oh My!

The Drama Queen recently suggested that Keith Ellison appologise to the gay community for his association with Farrakan:

Andy from the GLBT blog, Eleventh Avenue South is quite critical:

Republican Operative Defending Gays?

Local Republican operative, Michael Brodkorb, who blogs at Minnesota Democrats Exposed is spending a lot of time trying to paint 5th Congressional District Candidate, Keith Ellison, as anti-gay because of ties to Louis Farrakahn. MDE goes so far as to ask "when does he [Ellison] apologize to the gay community and other victims of Louis Farrakahn's hate?"

Keith Ellison has had a great record on gay issues in Minnesota. I heard him on AM 950 around the time he announced his candidacy and he talked eloquently on GLBT issues. He even went so far as to connect some of the increase in anti-gay violence over the past few years on the extreme renewed focus on gays by the religious right, and amendment pushes by legislators like Michele Bachmann (he actually mentioned her by name). These battles against gay rights put a target on the backs of GLBT people as religious-political fanatics like Bachmann compare us to Satan.

Keith Ellison has made tough choices to support the GLBT community. He is both African American and Muslin, two communities that at times tend to be less tolerant of GLBT people. Yet, he is an ally.

Note to MDE: we don't need or want your help "protecting" us from anti-gay Democrats. You should look in your own backyard and the rampant anti-gay activities of your GOP. Don't use our issues to bash Democrats, unless you're willing to take Republicans to task as well.
Posted by Andy at June 29, 2006 05:36 PM

I happen to believe that Keith Ellison's record in the legislature is good on GLBT issues. I will be interviewing Keith next week about the race and about what his stands are on federal issues related to the gay community. That being said, I'm happy that Republican blogger Michael Brodkorb is calling attention to anti-gay democrats.

Mike Hatch and Rebecca Otto both have troubling records on issues of concern to the gay community. Those records need exposure. Rebecca Otto voted in favor of the anti-gay Bachmann amendment. Mike Hatch has said there is no difference between he and Governor Tim Pawlenty on the issue of gay marriage. This was the comment I left on Michael Brodkorb's blog:

I live in Keith Ellison's district and his record in the legislature on gay issues has been very good - and better than most democrats, who don't speak up on these issues. It's also not the first year he has gone to Pride. Keith also wrote a column in support of gay rights and in opposition to the Bachmann amendment in the black press. He was criticized by some of the anti-gay members of the black community for that.

There are other issues in Keith's legislative record that I have concerns about - his vote in favor of creationism is the vote I have the most problems with.

I'd have more problems with Keith Ellison with the Farrakhan issue if he was still involved with the NOI - and if he was organizing for the Millions More March.

There are many DFL politicians who deserve lots of criticism for the way the way they treat the gay community as an ATM and nothing else. Mike Hatch, Rebecca Otto, Matt Entenza, and Al Juhnke all deserve that rap.

Keith took a tough vote on behalf of the gay community, when he voted against the state contracts because the bill had taken the negotiated domestic partner benefits out of the contract. Most democrats voted for this bill.

Comment by Eva Young — June 27, 2006