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Monday, June 26, 2006

Mark Kennedy's Website Gets a Makeover

MN Publius has the story.

It seems that Makeover Mark has decided to remove the blue eyeshadow of President Bush from his congressional website. The reference that remains has an interesting addition as well. You might call it some desperate political concealer. I'm not certain what concealer is or looks like, but I can guess its function...
Step 1) Trade Bush for some children [they are less of a political liability with this war going on...]

Step 2) Bills that were once signed into law by President Bush now simply 'become law'.

"An important provision from the first bill he introduced as a member of Congress, providing grant money for rural ambulance services, was signed into law by President Bush." Now compare that to the new version, which reads, "In fact, a grant program for rural ambulance services in the first bill he introduced in Congress became law."

Step 3) Revise the record:
Kennedy's record page to include:

Supported the President's Plan to create jobs and boost the economy, including accelerating the phase-in of the 2001 tax relief and ending the unfair double-taxation of dividends.

But, now he's actually against the President, instead of supporting him...

Successfully worked to repeal the Bush Administration's steel tariffs, which killed jobs and hurt local manufacturers.

Screenshots of the scrubbing are available at MN Publius.