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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Patty Wetterling Starts a Campaign Blog

Chad from Fraters Libertas points this out.

Hopefully this blog will get updated regularly.

Michele Bachmann started and seemed to abandon a blog. Mike Grimes from In the Middle notes:

Michele Bachmann committed

If your a candidate and decide you want to have a blog, but don't want to write in the blog, and don't want to have a staffer write in the blog don't have a blog. If you want to know what was on Michele Bachmann's mind February 22nd, and December 8th here you go. Of course now someone on her staff will stumble on this and we will see three posts in the next week, but then it will stop again for two months.

The Wetterling blog takes comments. Kudos to the Wetterling campaign for allowing comments.