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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Pawlenty vs Jeffers

Dan McGrath's comment on Craig Westover's blog:

Actually, I would disagree that party rules were followed. The entire process from Thursday, voting on rules by section, with timed debate, and introduction of nonsense motions to run out the clock precluded discussion of a new rule preventing nomination from the floor. About a dozen delegates were queued up to challenge the "no floor nominations" rule, but they never got a chance to speak on it. It all had the appearance to delegates unaware of what was going on that rules were being followed, and a fiar democratic process was under way, but no. Pawlenty's presentation was over 45 minutes, when rules limit gubernatorial candidates to 30 minutes. Dozens of apparent College Republicans in Pawlenty shirts entered the auditorium without any apparent guest or delegate credentials. The "endorsement" of pawlenty was railroaded through without consideration of proceedure. No motion to endorse was made, or seconded. A vote to endorse by rising vote was not conducted. While everyone was already on their feet, applauding Pawlenty's speech, we hear "all in favor of endorsing pawlenty say aye." I didn't hear anything but the clapping that was the applause from Pawlenty's speech. The party claims the "endorsement" was unanimous. Well, it wasn't. It wasn't even the required 60% with the recorded voting strength, vs. how many people were actually standing up. Ah well. It was just a show with a predetermined outcome anyhow. Off to the primaries.

Dan McGrath is Sue Jeffers campaign manager.

I was expecting something like this. Pawlenty's campaign wanted to avoid a ballot.

There is also a "blogs for Pawlenty" site up now with this disclaimer:


Blogs For Pawlenty is not ran or endorsed by any candidate, candidate's committee or party unit. The views expressed here and through our links are not the views of Gov. Pawlenty, his office nor his campaign.

So far, the blog just appears to be Pawlenty talking points. Ryan Flynn is the author of the blog. The blog isn't too happy with Sue Jeffers.

No word on further devolopments in the case of the attention starved bar owner and her planned tactics for the weekend!!

Update: The attention starved bar owner was not a part of the nominations committee, therefore she will be unable to address the convention. This; however, will not stop her from pulling something at some point during the convention. She needs the attention, it is like a drug!!

Sue Jeffers will be running in the primary against Tim Pawlenty.