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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Ray Vandeveer and the Personal Rapid Transit Boondoggle

Ray Vandeveer (P-Shop picture below) is running for the State Senate District 52 seat left vacant by congressional candidate Michele Bachmann. Vandeveer is one of the strongest supporters of Rep. Mark Olson's PRT boondoggle.

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Article by T.W. Budig:

Exploring the use of personal rapid transit — small vehicles in which commuters can enter destinations on computers and be whisked here and there — is one item he’d like to examine further, said Vandeveer.

This is not futuristic; the technology exists today, he said. And why be so insistent on being tied to 150 year old technology: trains, he said. .

Forest Lake Times:

Ideas such as computer aided dispatch for buses, and Personal Rapid Transit (developed through the University of Minnesota) appear to offer more cost effective transit options.

In 2004, the House voted $4 million for this totally wacko boondoggle.

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It didn't get past the conference committee, but in 2005, the PRTistas tried again to stop rail transit with PRT.

Take a look at the break down of the votes on Olson's 2005 PRT amendment at the Minnesota Votes web site.

It's mostly a small bunch of anti-transit right-wingers like Olson and Vandeveer who promote PRT. They got a few clueless Democrats to vote for it (There were only 2 DFLers voting for a similar Olson PRT amendment in 2006).

The media needs to ask why Ray Vandeveer and Mark Olson still promote the wacko PRT boondoggle when 67% of their own party rejected this amendment.

Meanwhile, the PRT hucksters are still bashing LRT... this time in Wellington, New Zealand.