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Friday, June 02, 2006

Republican Convention

Michael Brodkorb was kind enough to get me credentials to witness the Republican convention. To his credit, Michael Brodkorb posted publicly that he was disappointed in the way the party responded to requests from Liberal bloggers for credentials.

The convention vote last night had 15% voting for Shudlick, plus a significant percentage of blank ballots, and the rest of the votes going for Mark Kennedy. That is hardly a resounding endorsement, considering that Kennedy was running against nominal opposition. This vote was covered on the Northern Alliance Radio Network coverage. I didn't hear it mentioned on TV last night.

Tim Pawlenty got endorsed by acclimation. Jeffers didn't get reported for nomination. I talked with Jeffers tonight - and she told me she was 90% sure she was running in the primary against Pawlenty.

Pawlenty's speech acknowledged that delegates were unhappy with him, but he tried to make the case that the "tax raisin', gay marriage supportin', abortion promotin'" democrats were much worse. I think the Governor needs a dialect coach.

He'll still be Governor Tim Pawlenty of Tax Increases to me.