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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Right-Wing Blogger Shoots Himself in the Foot

Mitch Berg pounced on Loosetrife's Minneapolis Upside Down post about Rybak and Samuels' call for regulation of free speech on cable and the internet.
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Loosetrife responds:

Right Wing Bloggers Ignore Pawlenty and Link to South Minneapolis Commie Blog

It was a big day for Upside Down yesterday as the right-wing blogosphere discovered my humble little pinko blog on the day that Tim Pawlenty announced that he is running for reelection.

Who would have known that the right-wing blog boys were such supporters of free speech? Apparently, it takes a Democratic "sin" to awaken a sense of justice in these boys.

After all, it was Tim Pawlenty who suggested we make protestors pay for their own arrests. Just a "user fee" for exercising my constitutional rights, I guess.

Mitch Berg, my recently converted free speech advocate bitch at Shot to the Groin (or some such), was "so deliriously happy with Tim Pawlenty" on the day that Pawlenty floated this free speech tax.

I wonder what Berg would say about a "user fee" on wrong headed blog posts.

What's even funnier is that Berg links to Loosetrife's post which links to my You Tube movie page which includes several Bachmann movies.

Speaking of Bachmann movies... do a Google Video search of Michele Bachmann.