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Sunday, June 04, 2006

South Carolina Fights Anti-Gay Constitutional Amendment

Howard Dean in his speech to Stonewall Democrats claimed that the DNC is providing help to the state organizations fighting these amendments (speech at Page One Q). A commenter calls Dean on this:

The Democratic party has not given on single f#cking dime to the glbt citizens of South Carolina. So, I call b#llsh!t on this one. Side note: the HRC, ACLU and most national organizations have not helped SC glbt citizens fight our very own Family Discrimination Amendment coming up this November.


and see what we, the GLBT community in SC, have created by raising thousands of dollars from our friends and families. The only orgainzation to really step up to the plate with cash was NGLTF. The HRC gave our people $5k because one of our citizens gave the HRC a $10k contribution.

I encourage all American GLBT citizens and the str8 allies to visit:
and donate some $$$ to your brothers and sisters fighting the fight with little or no national support because the national organizations have already written us off as a loss.
Uncle Zoloft

NGLTF is the one National gay organization that does provide help to state organizations fighting anti-gay ballot initiatives.

My guess is that Wisconsin is getting assistance from the national gay organizations. Personally, I think HRC should be replacing their DNC, DSCC and DCCC donations with donations to these state campaigns.