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Saturday, June 10, 2006

UDFL on Hatch's Acceptance Speech


6:48 PM - Mike Hatch is delivering his acceptance speech. I got back to the blogger's nest half-way through the speech, so it's too late for me to blog it. On my way back up I passed and shook hands with Steve Kelley, who was thanking people in the aisle. He ran a very classy campaign and left with a lot of class as well.

6:55 PM - This is an unbelievably long acceptance speech. People in the blogger's nest are not liking it.

6:59 PM - He's STILL going. He talked about education, something else, and then went back to education.

7:03 PM - STILL going. Someone up here just said that we should make a motion to reconsider, given how long the speech is going. Oh wait he said FINALLY. I think that means he's always done