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Friday, July 28, 2006

Anonymous State Democrats Whine about Colleen Rowley to Roll Call

Hat Tip Winger:

National and Minnesota Democrats seem about ready to walk away from Coleen Rowley's ill-fated campaign to unseat Rep. John Kline (R-Minn.) — just as her campaign manager recently did.

Many in the party had hoped that Rowley's national fame — Time magazine named her Person of the Year in 2002 for being a whistle-blower at the FBI — would make her an exciting, appealing candidate in an otherwise Republican-leaning district. But now some state Democrats say Rowley's first run for political office is going so badly that they're turning their sights on damage control.

"She's running the single worst campaign that could be run," said one state Democratic insider. "I'm worried that if she's running a weak race in the 2nd it's going to hurt the statewide candidates. What's going to get people to turn out and vote Democratic?"
(Source: Roll Call, July 26, 2006)

I went to Drinking Liberally when Colleen Rowley was the guest. Colleen Rowley impressed the Drinking Liberally crowd more than any of the other Democratic candidates. That was possibly because she doesn't allow people to script her.

Democrats also use the Drama Queen to dump opposition research on each other. Elwyn Tinklenberg did that with Scotty Mortensen - who was running an unconventional shoe string operation for the 6th District. He dropped out because he could not raise the money needed to run a serious campaign against Elwyn Tinklenberg the PAC Man. Later on Patty Wetterling got into the race and defeated the PAC man at the DFL convention.