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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Bad Blood Between Mike Hatch and the Gay Community

DFL Governor candidate Mike Hatch was part of the Stonewall DFL Pride parade contingent in Loring Park, and Stonewall DFL had a sign up promoting him at their booth. I talked to one Stonewall source who was present at a recent Hatch requested meeting between Hatch and Stonewall DFL, who told me that Hatch had now gotten an acceptable rating from Stonewall DFL - and that Stonewall was split over endorsing Hatch. I talked to another Stonewall BOD member who told me that Hatch had never gotten Stonewall's endorsement, and nor was he found acceptable. Stonewall's endorsements are listed here. The Stonewall board member I talked to told me that Stonewall's screenings are public, and Hatch has not screened with Stonewall - so therefore, Hatch cannot get endorsed, nor can he get an acceptable rating.

Becky Lourey is still listed as acceptable on Stonewall's website. Lourey had a separate booth at Pride - because Stonewall DFL does not endorse or help candidates who are running against endorsed DFL candidates.

Congressional candidate, Mike Erlandson wanted to march with Stonewall's contingent at Pride - and was told he could not because he was running against the DFL endorsed candidate, Keith Ellison.

Has any Minneapolis DFL openly gay elected official besides Rod Krueger endorsed Rebecca Otto? What about Mike Hatch? The only Gay DFL activist I know who has endorsed Mike Hatch is Rick Stafford. Stafford has never been interested in promoting Gay issues within the DFL, but rather has been interested in marketting the DFL to the gay community.

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