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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Bleating from the FRC

Not a Good Time for a Vacation . . .

FRC's Government Affairs staff and I will be working triple overtime next week trying to keep up with the flurry of activity that will be occurring up on Capitol Hill. No less than seven votes that are important to families are expected and your help is vital. The big vote on the Marriage Protection Amendment is scheduled for Tuesday on the House of Representatives side and your phone calls are urgently needed. Meanwhile the Senate will be debating a three-vote bioethics package that includes a bill that prohibits fetus farming, a bill on alternative pluripotent stem cell research (both sponsored by Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA)), and legislation that authorizes the National Institutes of Health to use further taxpayer funds for research that requires the killing of human embryos (the House has already voted on this last bill). Once the Senate votes on this bioethics package the House will immediately vote on Senator Santorum's legislation. Then all three bioethics bills will go to President Bush, who has vowed to use his first veto against the taxpayer-funded expansion of destructive embryonic stem cell research. Add to this mix a possible vote in the House on the Pledge Protection Act and vote in the Senate on the Child Custody Protection Act and you can understand we won't be getting a lot of sleep next week. Thoroughly confused? That is why we have made a checklist for you to take to church this weekend and share with your friends on the bills pending next week. Let your voices be heard on these important issues.

Stem cell research is being used against Republicans by DFLers in a number of Minnesota campaigns.