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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Comments from the Peanut Gallery

I commented to Mark's post about Jason Lewis coming back to Minnesota and got this response:

Eva are you schizophrenic? Jason Lewis is one of the biggest anti-gay bigots in this country. You are all over Mike Hatch for not being pro-gay enough and then you're glad that Jason Lewis is coming back. I stopped listening to everything on AM1500 specifically because of Jason Lewis' anti-gay bullshit. He's a duplicitious, hypocritical, slimy reptilian bastard and by making the statement above you have proved Schoolsout point. You are a Republican Hack. We're all still waiting for the Log Cabin Endorsements. Where are they?
Jason Freaking Lewis got kicked out of the Republican Nominating Convention because he was so adamantly opposed to Tim Pawlenty because Tim Pawlenty was too frickin liberal. Lewis was one of the chief reasons Pawlenty had to renounce his vote for the glbt civil rights amendment. You are unbelievable. Hack Hack Hack
Where are the LCR endorsements? Put up or shut up.

I don't know of any Log Cabin Republicans endorsements for this election cycle. I am the past President of Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota - but am currently a member of the organization and not the spokesperson. If people are interested in what's happening with LCR/MN, I'd suggest getting ahold of the organization directly at

I was at the state convention during the Pawlenty/Sullivan battle. I do not remember this story about Jason Lewis. I'd be interested in evidence that this occurred.

I called in to Jason's show when he made some of his statements about gays - and he was always fair - and gave me the opportunity to present my views. That's more than many talk show hosts do - left or right. Jason also had me on as a guest on his show once for an hour - after I challenged him on gay issues.

Do I agree with Jason Lewis's politics? No. He's too far to the right for my taste. Do I find him to be an entertaining talk show host? Yes.

I assume Quiche is a Mike Hatch supporter.