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Monday, July 17, 2006

Comments on Mike Hatch's Lack of Support from Gay Community Leaders

From Lloydletta comments:

So, perhaps GOP party hack Eva Young could let us all know who the Log Cabin Republicans have endorsed for the upcoming races? Please be as specific as possible. We would all like to know which US Senate candidate, Governor candidate, and all House and Senate race candidates that have received their endorsements.

We also need to know which of these GOP candidates have put up the endorsement on their websites. If they are afraid to do so, perhaps it is an opening for their opponents, eh Eva??

Tick, tick, tick....we are waiting Eva.
schoolsout 07.16.06 - 6:26 pm | #

LCR isn't a bunch of pushovers like Stonewall. They would forego an endorsement before endorsing someone who would just use them. That's the difference between liberals and the rest of the world. We stand by our principles.

DavidD is exactly correct. Log Cabin Republicans gives principled endorsements.

More on Hatch's troubles with Gay Voters:

See also the google search results for "Mike Hatch gay".