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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Drama Queen's Story on Entenza Hiring Detecting to Spy on Hatch Makes Strib and Pioneer Press

11 months ago, Michael Brodkorb broke a story that Matt Entenza had hired a Chicago Private Investigator to dig up dirt on Mike Hatch. Now the Strib has confirmed the story. The Pioneer Press isn't happy about being lied to.

This was excellent work by the Drama Queen.

Interesting quote in the Strib piece.

In recalling the inquiry, Hatch this week talked about his desire that whoever succeeds him as attorney general aggressively oversees the health care industry. While he didn't specifically criticize Entenza, he implied that health care was a concern as he tried to recruit other candidates for attorney general during the past year.

"It's not whether [a candidate other than Entenza] would be better or not," [Hatch] said. "The idea was, I love the office and frankly, health care was why I ran [when first elected in 1998]. It's the signature of the office."

Former U.S. Rep. Bill Luther would make a good attorney general, Hatch said. Luther said he hasn't ruled out running in the primary against Entenza. The filing deadline is Tuesday.