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Friday, July 07, 2006

Dualing Political Hacks

On a personal level, I find Michael Brodkorb to be a nice guy. I also find the MN Publius kids very amiable people. That said - they are political hacks - and I don't think Brodkorb's blog - or the comparable democratic blog - MN Publius - as being blogs which improve political dialog on the issues. In both cases, the blogs are partisan hackery - and say little if anything about political principles. It's what Tony Garcia has described aptly as "party over principles."

It appears that political reporters tend to follow the nonsense from Brodkorb and the MN Publius blogs. While I mentioned the MN Publius story about the Mark Kennedy website makeover, I didn't think it deserved all the state and national coverage it got. I've also mentioned the criticism of Keith Ellison over his past associations with hatemonger Louis Farrakhan.

Now MN Publius has taken Ford Bell up on his challenge to bloggers to ask him five questions. Matt from MN Publius asked 5 questions - which really reiterated the question "how dare you run against an endorsed DFL candidate", and Ford Bell dodged the questions.

None of this really helps inform voters about the candidates - and the mainstream media spends too much of their scarce political coverage over petty campaign spats - rather than good substantive coverage about where candidates stand on the important political issues facing us as a state and a country. This is also the type of stuff that turns off the average voter from politics.

I'll be posting my interview with 5th District candidate Keith Ellison as well as my impressions of last week's rally with Jesse Jackson later this weekend. I talked with Keith about GLBT issues, creationism and federal Research and Development funding.