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Monday, July 10, 2006

Fair Wisconsin News

This weekend was the hottest Wisconsin has seen so far this year. And I'm not just talking about the weather. The campaign trail at Fair Wisconsin gets hotter every day.

Yesterday, a poll released by showed that state residents are evenly split on the civil unions and marriage ban. Of 600 randomly selected Wisconsinites, 48.5% said they would vote for the ban, and 47.8% said they would vote against it.

The poll suggests that all of the conversations we're having with voters are making an impact. The people of Wisconsin are taking a closer look at the two sentences of the ban and its negative consequences for families. This ban hurts real families and the more we communicate this to voters, the more they agree that this ban goes too far.

It's exciting news, but remember: the only poll that matters is the one they take on Election Day.

We only have 120 days to continue fanning out across the state in churches, on doorsteps, and at community events.

Today we're taking our grassroots campaign to the next level. Thanks to the thousands of you who helped raise over $1.2 million so far, we will begin airing television ads in the western, central, and northeastern regions of the state.

You can view the first ad and learn more online.

I viewed the ad. I think it's a good ad. I'd be interested in hearing what others think of it.

The polling results are excellent news, but this measure will require a sustained effort to defeat it at the ballot box. Fair Wisconsin will need volunteers and money to do this.

If this amendment does get defeated in Wisconsin, I doubt it will be an issue in upcoming legislative sessions in Minnesota. I encourage Lloydletta readers to consider volunteering at the upcoming Hudson Door Canvas.