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Friday, July 14, 2006

Gay Liberal Blogger Unhappy with DFL Governor Candidate Mike Hatch's Poor Record on Gay Issues

Andy at Eleventh Avenue South isn't happy with the DFL endorsed candidate for Governor.

When asked about Gov. Tim Pawlenty's view on same-sex marriage and his own, gubernatorial candidate Mike Hatch had this to say:

"'As far as I know, we have identical positions on gay marriage. I believe marriage is between a man and a woman,' he said. But he declined to support a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage that Pawlenty backs."

That's from the Mike Hatch's campaign site.

I just noticed this article on Hatch's website also, and meant to comment on it. It seems that Andy has beaten me to the punch.

Andy adds:

Also, Lloydletta says: "When Mike Hatch ran against John Marty in the 1994 Democratic primary, he attacked John Marty for supporting domestic partner benefits."

It doesn't seem that the top DFL candidate for the Governer's Office is a supporter of LGBT people. The Stonewall DFL, Minnesota's LGBT Democratic caucus has not endorsed Hatch and found Becky Lourey 'acceptable." Hatch also, apparently didn't fill out the Stonewall DFL questionaire, but he did play a part in the Ashley Rukes Pride Parade with Stonewall DFL.

Contrast that with what candidate Becky Lourey has to say on her campaign website: "For me, this is not just a political issue but a deeply personal issue. One of my children is gay and in a committed relationship. I have been fighting for the civil rights of GLBT folks for over thirty years - since the early domestic partnership fights at the University of Minnesota in the early 1970s. My business provides domestic partnership benefits for our GLBT employees. Many members of my campaign staff and leadership are members of the GLBT community."

On LGBT issues, Becky Lourey seems to be the leader between Hatch and Pawlenty.

It's also worth noting that Peter Hutchinson says this:

No I'm not going to support this constitutional amendment. I think it's a terrible idea. I think it gets the government in the middle of something it doesn't belong in. If as I believe the proponents of this amendment say is to protect marriage in our state. The real threat to marriage in Minnesota isn't from loving people who want to get married. The real threat to marriage in our state is divorce. - Minnesota Public Radio 1/25/06

Hutchinson's website repeats this but is less direct.

Compare this to Mike Hatch:

Mike Hatch:
Well I uh believe marriage is between a man and a woman and uh however, I also believe we shouldn't be discriminating against people because of their orientation.

Gary Eichten: So you would oppose the amendment?

Mike Hatch: No I would support the current law. The current law basically says - we have I believe 3 statutes - all of which have been upheld as being constitutional. There's absolutely no danger in Minnesota of anyone claiming that these statutes are unconstitutional. They have already been challenged. And these statutes basically indicate I think there are 3 different statutes, 3 different provisions indicating that marriage is between a male and a female and I support those statutes. Those statutes are constitutional - that's it. We're not going to get involved with the PR going on at the capitol and playing games on this. Source - MPR 2/27/06

When Governor Pawlenty was in the state house, he voted in favor of including gays in the Human Rights Act. He later said he regreted that vote - but he also said publicly that was because the language included transgender people. He was not opposed to the law including gays. I happen to disagree with Governor Pawlenty on that point, and told him so personally during a discussion during the 2000 campaign. It would be interesting to see what Mike Hatch would say about that point. So Hatch and Pawlenty have identical positions on discrimination - since both oppose discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

Contrast this with Hatch's DFL primary opponent, Becky Lourey:

I do not support that proposal. I think it's absolutely ludicrous. It goes against human rights, it goes against civil rights. Why would anyone try to interfere between a committed relationship between two adults. I think we have no business in the private life of individuals... I equate the arguments with the arguments against interracial marriage in this country. MPR, 2/21/2006

How well with Mike Hatch do with getting the personal endorsements of openly Gay elected officials?

Stonewall DFL will be considering the Hatch endorsement at their upcoming board meeting this weekend. It will be interesting to see what they do. The DFL State central committee will be meeting tomorrow to discuss the endorsement of Lt Governor candidate, Judi Dutcher.