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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Gay Patriot on the Washington State Decision in a Gay Marriage Case

Dan Blatt has some good analysis here.

Interesting comment:


#2: “It’s the most exciting time to be gay in history.”

I wouldn’t go that far. The years just following Stonewall as well as the late 1980’s to late 1990’s were pretty exciting too.

I tend to agree with Dan’s theme that we need now to focus on legislatures rather than the courts. I don’t regret having tried the judicial route but I’m one that can see the folly of “stay the course” when it’s ceased to work. I had thought that what worked in Canada might also work here but clearly Canadians are considerably more advanced with respect to equal treatment for gay people.

I would now push for civil marriage when possible or in-all-but-name-only civil unions in other places. If we can get several populous states like CA and NY to adopt marriage or full and complete civil unions, then we need to work on the federal level to get those marriages and unions recognized. What to do about the religionist backwater states that refuse to recognize SSM? Well, at some point - perhaps after Scalia croaks - the SCOTUS might be amenable to forcing SSM recognition everywhere but that would have to be only after enthusiasm for the FMA has completely waned. Meanwhile I would use the power of economics in encouraging new factories and businesses especially those from more enlightened countries overseas to avoid the bigoted locations and set up shop in the more gay-friendly areas. Ultimately, money talks and if there is a financial penalty in being bigoted, then the bigots will have to decide if it’s worth it.

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