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Thursday, July 20, 2006

HRC Raising Money for Amy Klobuchar

The Human Rights Campaign, a gay advocacy group is raising money for Amy Klobuchar. They have a fundraising page for her here.

As the Hennepin County Attorney, the chief prosecutor for Minneapolis and surrounding suburbs, Amy Klobuchar has a long record on fighting hate crimes. Her office successfully prosecuted an individual who desecrated a Minneapolis church with anti-gay messages. Klobuchar also worked directly with the Minneapolis Hate Crimes Response and Prevention Network to combat violence motivated by hate. In 2000, joined by prosecutors and police officers from around the country, Klobuchar introduced President Clinton at a White House event in support of the Hate Crimes Prevention Act. "Hate crimes are different," Klobuchar said at the event. “They affect not just individual victims, but entire communities.”

Klobuchar supports the Employment Nondiscrimination Act and funding to address HIV/AIDS. She opposes the proposed Federal Marriage Amendment and supports civil unions.

Congressman Mark Kennedy (R-MN-6), Klobuchar’s opponent, has amassed an extremely anti-GLBT record in the U.S. House. In contrast to Klobuchar’s record, Kennedy has consistently voted to oppose strong hate crimes legislation. He is also a co-sponsor of the Marriage Protection Amendment. Earning consistent 0’s on HRC scorecards, Rep. Kennedy has not sided with HRC on a single vote, co-sponsorship, or pledge since coming to Washington.

This seat has become the top priority for national Republicans and allied interest groups. President Bush has already flown to Minnesota to raise nearly $1 million for Kennedy, who would continue to be a rubber stamp for the Bush agenda. While Klobuchar is ahead in the polls, the President has helped Kennedy lead Klobuchar in fundraising. The race will be extremely close and Klobuchar will need the strong support of the GLBT community. With the balance of power of the U.S. Senate in question, it is essential that we keep this seat in fair-minded hands by electing Amy Klobuchar.

Mark Kennedy, along with Collin Peterson (DFL, Minnesota) were the two original co-sponsors of the anti-gay Federal Marriage Amendment. As Lloydletta reported earlier, a lit piece Kennedy sent out to Republicans listed protecting the "sanctity of marriage" from including gays as his top priority in congress. That was higher priority than national security.

HRC will be holding a Minnesota Fundraiser for Amy Klobuchar. Here's the information:

Save the Date!

The Human Rights Campaign's
Twin Cities Fundraiser

for U.S. Senate Candidate

Amy Klobuchar

Thursday August 17, 2006

Woman's Club of Minneapolis
410 Oak Grove Street

Sponsorship Levels:
Platinum: $2100
Gold: $1000
Silver: $500
Bronze: $250

To donate and join the host committee, contact Kirk Rice ( or 202-216-1562) or Kevin Layton ( or 202-216-1532) by July 25.

To learn more about Amy Klobuchar, please contact

Invitation to follow.

Now will we see a bunch of posts from Kennedy v Machine ranting about how the gays are raising money for Amy Klobuchar?

Mark Kennedy and Michele Bachmann campaigned together at the recent Patriot Radio Picnic last weekend. After Karl Rove raises money in Stillwater for Michele Bachmann (11:30 AM at the Water St Inn), he will be raising money for Mark Kennedy in the western burbs for Mark Kennedy.