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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Is Bill Luther Running a Serious Campaign for Attorney General?

I noted earlier that Bill Luther had missed two debates for the AG race. I asked whether he was planning to pull out of the race. Flash, who supports Luther commented:

Bill has to build a campaign from scratch with no money. He is busy organzing his team and preparing for this race. As the front runner, there is no need to jump at every debate offer out there. Give him time, and watch him become the state's next Attorney General.

07.22.06 - 11:40 am

It doesn't make much sense to me to give up two good free media opportunities. I know that Bill Luther's strength is dialing for dollars. I don't tend to use money raised when I rate serious candidates. I look at their performance in debates, and whether they are out there at events meeting voters. I also look at whether they are able to draw volunteers.

Flash is a huge fan of Bill Luther, and so he's got at least one very dedicated and persistant volunteer. Flash started a blog promoting Bill Luther. The blog does not currently accept comments. I'm not sure whether this is a temporary or permanent thing. It's not clear whether the blog is an authorized, or unauthorized part of the Luther campaign.