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Friday, July 14, 2006

Keith Ellison - the #1 Worrier in the 5th Congressional District

I watched the 'Almanac' fracas with the DFL 5th CD candidates.

Mike Erlandson name dropped at every turn. Mine might have been the only name in Minneapolis that he didn't cite. I feel slighted.

Ember Reichgott Junge talks at length, and says very little. As an overused panelist and commentator on various media outlets, she used to get paid to run at the mouth. Now she has to collect donations to fund her talking.

Paul Ostrow won't win this primary, but he'd get my vote. He isn't flashy, but speaks to the issues with some credibility and comes across as thoughtful and serious. I've always appreciated his work on the Minneapolis City Council.

And then we have the endorsed candidate, Rep Keith Ellison.

In the great, shallow tradition of President Clinton, he kept reminding us of how concerned he is about everything. It may win voters if you stand around around and recite a litany of woes, and explain how worried you are about everything. What we're missing from him are credible solutions. I also find it incredibly arrogant when public figures tell me how much they care (like the rest of us don't).