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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Lumberjack Days Photos

Sue Jeffers contingent:

Sue Jeffers Contingent at Lumberjack Days Parade

Sue Jeffers Banner and Truck

Thanks to the Sue Jeffers campaign for these images.

IP's John Binkowski:

Lumberjack Days Parade 007.preview

Lumberjack Days Parade 016.preview

Binkowski is running for the 6th District seat against Michele Bachmann and Patty Wetterling. Photos used with permission of John Binkowski. There are more photos on his website.

Patty Wetterling's campaign has photos of her contingent at Lumberjack Days here. I've emailed her campaign for permission to use a couple of the photos here.

Michele Bachmann's campaign hasn't posted photos of her 2006 Lumberjack Days contingent. Ken Avidor took video of Michele Bachmann's presence at Lumberjack Days and posted it at Dump Bachmann.