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Monday, July 17, 2006

Mike Hatch and the Gay Community - Comments

Schoolsout and DavidD debate in the comments:


So, we are still waiting. Are the Log Cabin Repubs going to endorse ANYBODY for this election cycle in Minnesota???

Why are you soooo concerned about the Dems. Perhaps, Eva, you ought to be looking into your own mirror and come clean about the lack of support from your GOP party on GLBT issues.

Typical stuff from a Republican party hack like Eva Young.
schoolsout | 07.17.06 - 11:07 am | #

I believe that the whole point of LCR and Eva's political activism, is to call out Republican's who are weak on GLBT issues, but moreso, to promote those who are not. We fully acknowledge that the Republican Party is weak on GLBT issues, but at least they don't lie about their intentions.

My party, the IP, is good on these issues in both platform and candidacy. You cannot get an endorsement without supporting equal civil rights for all.

This isn't the case in the DFL. You can be endorsed and not even follow the party platform on GLBT issues, and moreover, people like Schoolsout will blindly follow.

However, in the typical fashion of closed-minded liberals, Schoolsout closes his/her eyes, puts his/her fingers in the ears and resorts to name calling.

Maybe if you stepped beyond partisanship and listened, you could add substance to the political discourse of our State. However, you are a prime example of why people like me won't vote democratic. I agree with some of the ideals, however, I'd rather stick to my principles and vote third party where people are willing to discuss disagreements in an adult-like fashion rather than an elementary school-yard manner.

I stopped by and commented over at MN Publius's post trying to spin the Minnesota poll results as positive for Mike Hatch:

lloydletta Says:

Mike Hatch's achilles heel vis a vis Lourey in the primary, and Hutchinson in the general is with gay voters. Hatch is hoping to send Judi Dutcher out to address the gay community. But gays aren't stupid.

Hatch's positions on gay issues are identical to Pawlenty (he said so himself in the Pioneer Press). Hatch opposes gay marriage, won't take a position on the Bachmann amendment, and opposes discrimination against gays. Pawlenty voted to include gays in the human rights act. He later said he regretted the vote because this included transgender individuals - he did not have problems with protecting gays from discrimination.

The question is whether Lourey will agressively use this issue against Hatch in the primary. If she does - it will hurt Hatch.

Hutchinson isn't going anywhere.

Posted at: July 17, 2006 07:43 AM
Dan Says:

lloydletta, it really is time for you to stop lying about Mike Hatch. You are bending over backwards to make Hatch look anti-gay, and to make Pawlenty somehow look tolerant. Hatch opposes the gay marriage ban amendment, while Pawlenty supports it.

Becky Lourey is great, but she is totally irrelevant at this point. She will also put the good of the party ahead of her own intersts.

Peter Hutchinson, will do everything in his power to help elect Pawlenty. The guy has mainstream Democratic positions, but was too much of a coward to run as a Democrat. He also may have too big an ego to drop out so as to help the candidate who shares his views.

Posted at: July 17, 2006 10:06 AM
Sundog Says:

Well, I dunno anything about GLBT politics, but I don't think lloydetta is a stoodge for T-Paw. Unless I'm mistaken, I can remember some pretty poignant words from about his suppport of the Twins stadium bill over at her blog.

Posted at: July 17, 2006 05:49 PM
lloydletta Says:

Dan - please give me a source where Hatch has said he opposes Michele Bachmann's amendment. Hatch has never been willing to say publicly he opposes the Bachmann amendment.

Sundog - you are exactly right. I called him Governor Pawlenty of Tax Increases for his efforts to increase taxes on the hapless Hennepin County residents.

Posted at: July 17, 2006 06:04 PM
Dan Says:

I went to the Minnesota Queer blogs, where your name pops up. It says that Hatch declined to support the amendment, and that he participated in the pride parade.

Look, I know that GLBT people have had to take a backseat for a long time. And I know that Hatch is not the strongest supporter -- if you want to point out where Lourey is better, that is fair. But don't misrepresent Hatch's positions and make them seem worse than they are.

Posted at: July 17, 2006 09:22 PM
lloydletta Says:

Hatch has not been willing to state a clear position on the constitutional amendment. It should be fairly easy for a democrat running for statewide to oppose the amendment. He hasn't said he supports the amendment, but he hasn't said he opposes the amendment either - so I stand by my claim.

Becky Lourey, Peter Hutchinson, Sue Jeffers, and Michael Cavlan all clearly oppose the Bachmann amendment.

If there was a SuperDOMA bill, similar to what got vetoed by Wisconsin's Jim Doyle, my guess is that Mike Hatch would sign the bill. That Wisconsin "SuperDOMA" bill was appalling.

I'd like to check out the Queer blog citation you talk about? Do you have a specific link?