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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Minnesota Poll on Governor's Race

The Minnesota Poll is published at the Strib. Governor Tim Pawlenty is slightly ahead (43%) of challenger Mike Hatch (41%).

The poll asked questions about the following candidates:

Tim Pawlenty (Republican)
Mike Hatch (DFL)
Peter Hutchinson (IP)
Ken Pentel (Green)
Becky Lourey (DFL)

Favorable/Unfavorable ratings here.

The IP's Peter Hutchinson is currently at 5%. Conventional wisdom is that more of Hutchinson's votes come from Hatch than Pawlenty. Hutchinson is doing more poorly at this stage than Jesse Ventura or Tim Penny.

The poll identified likely voters by self reports of voting history. I'm not sure why they don't cross check the voters against the SOS voter history file to get voter history.

This is bad news for DFL candidate Mike Hatch. Republicans are unpopular right now, but Hatch isn't selling.

Ofcourse the only poll that matters is the one on election day.