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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Oh Quit Whining Already

It's getting old. Why not focus on making Mark Kennedy a better candidate rather than pissing and moaning about the bad poll result from the Strib.

From K v M:

LTE on the Minnesota Poll

The Strib ran this Letter to the Editor bravely at the very bottom of the LTE page online.

minnesota poll

Predictable result

A July 19 letter writer argued that the gap in the Minnesota Poll on the Senate race between DFL Amy Klobuchar and Republican Mark Kennedy was no surprise. On that point, we agree. The Minnesota Poll has shown a bias in favor of DFL and liberal candidates for a generation, as shown by wide advantages for unsuccessful DFL candidates in the past.


I'm also interested to see if they run the commentary piece on it I sent in as well. Chances are? Not.
Filed under: Miscellany, The Machine, Klobuchar — By: Andy Aplikowski — July 19th, 2006

We'll here more whining about media bias if the Strib doesn't publish those words of wisdumb from Triple A. Here's a hint Andy.... The Strib gets lots of letters to the editor and counterpoints. They don't always publish them. My problem with the strib isn't that they don't always publish my letters to the editor or columns.

My problem is when I've written their Readers Rep about poor fact checking on a story, and I don't get the courtesy of a response beyond an auto response. The Pioneer Press is much different on that score - and when you write the Readers Rep there, you get a personal response, and they let you know the action that has been taken on your comment.

Eric Black from the Strib posts the start of a fundraising email from Mark Kennedy campaign manager Pat Shortridge:

We have a fundamental question facing us for the next three and a half months: Who is going to choose our next United States Senator, you or the Minneapolis Star Tribune?

Just when you think the Star Tribune can't get any farther into the other camp. Then they go and serve up one of their famous Minnesota Polls."

Stick a fork in it, Pat.