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Monday, July 17, 2006

Peter LaBarbera Up Late at Night Writing the Gay Blogs

Pam Spaulding has the scoop. LaBarbera wasn't happy that the Planet Out Blog picked up on Wayne Besen referring to LaBarbera as Porno Pete. I have contacted LaBarbera to request an interview.

... ("Porno Pete"), why didn't you contact me first? Or do you always run with the most vicious smears just because a prominent gay activist uses them? Usually I get fair treatment in the gay press; not this time.

Yes, I once researched gay events, and still do occasionally, by attending them to get firsthand info. I sometimes went undercover so as not to get kicked out by "tolerant" gay activists (what are they trying to hide?), but other times I went openly, such as at the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Ass'n, where I once spoke at a panel debate opposite gay journalists dealing with whether the media has a pro-gay bias.

No, I do not "collect" porn--never have--and I am not interested in or enjoy gay pornography. Frankly, it's pretty sick stuff, in my view. And no, I am not a homosexual nor did I ever struggle with those desires. (Isn't it funny how gay activists accuse their opponents of being homosexual as if that's the biggest slur they can come up with?)

Wayne Besen relied on the false testimony of a former "ex-gay," Wade Richards, who worked a while for Americans for Truth before we (foolishly) urged him to speak at a press conference. Besen attended the event and apparently helped to recruit young Wade back into the gay life. [Gee, Wayne has some serious powers of persuasion, doesn't he? LOL!] Wade knew full well that my interests were as a critical researcher, but he wanted to strike back at me, so he accused me of collecting gay "porn."

Yes, I have purchased numerous gay magazine subscriptions and books over the years as part of my efforts to research the movement--just like some gay researchers peruse the writings of the Family Research Council or Dr. James Dobson. (Should we accuse "Ex-Gay Watch" of secretly supporting Christian conservatives because they spend a lot of time and energy researching them?)

Pam Spaulding has the complete letter at the Blend.