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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Rovian Implants

Captain Ed is having a caption contest for his photo of meeting with Karl Rove.

Oh, let's have more fun at my expense. Let's make this a Caption Contest. Be sure to put your entries in the comments section -- no e-mail entries, please! -- and I'll pick a winner by Sunday night.

Gary at Kennedy v Machine has his post up here.

Someone, I think Brodkorb, asked what the political implications of the current Israeli conflict were for 2006. Rove was uncomfortable analyzing the conflict through a political prism but acknowledged it did serve to remind people we are still very much in the midst of a global war against Islamic fascism. Later in the evening Rove suggested that Secretary of State Rice's mission to the region this weekend will have less to do with demanding an Israeli ceasefire and more to do with providing humanitarian aid to the innocent Lebanese.

In the end, Rove's strength is his attention to detail:

When I asked him about GOTV, Rove recounted that the victory in West Virginia in 2000 was the result of a massive organizational effort that no one thought possible at the time. He demanded that the W. Virginia GOP build an infrastructure on the ground. By winning the traditionally Democratic state, Bush carried the presidency. Similar efforts will be essential moving forward and he said that Ron Carey was well on his way to replicating that model in Minnesota.

As Ed noted on Captain's Quarters, Rove seems to have a new zest for politics now that his legal challenges are behind him. Reports late last year were that he would be disappearing back to Texas after the mid-terms. Yesterday he hedged on that and seemed to suggest he had the appetite for another big campaign.

Later yesterday evening at a Mark Kennedy fundraiser, after some extended remarks on the shores of Lake Minnetonka about the Senate race and some presidential anecdotes, Rove excused himself for a late dinner with Governor Pawlenty. I glanced at the Governor's gifted young press spokesman Brian McClung, who was seated next to me, for any clue as to the nature of the late night tete a tete.

McClung was poker-faced.

Actually Rove's legal challenges are NOT behind him. There's a civil suit pending.

Andy Aplikowski has a photo of the Roving parrots over at Residual Forces.