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Saturday, July 22, 2006

So Why Did the Strib Publish the Entenza Story two weeks ago?

Michael Brodkorb broke this story close to a year ago. At the time, reporters asked Entenza about it, and dropped the story because they could not get substantiation. Persistant digging, and commitment from the Strib would have gotten the story in the press soon after Brodkorb's original posts on the topic.

So someone must have leaked the Strib more information. The question is who? The Republicans wouldn't have the motivation to leak the story at the time it came out, because it would have been better for Republicans if Entenza was on the ballot, and the story would come out in October before the election.

There's been long time bad blood between Matt Entenza and Mike Hatch. My guess is that people connected to Mike Hatch got the story out there.

UPDATE: Commenter STEA adds -

Word is that Hatch gave the Star Tribune a 3 hour interview where he told them everything in hopes of bringing down Entenza. So no "leak" just Hatch being a bully.

STEA has generally been commenting here when I've been critical of Matt Entenza.