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Monday, July 24, 2006

Stillwater Lumberjack Days Parade

Ken Avidor and I went to the Stillwater Lumberjack Days Parade. I was especially impressed by the showings of the Independence Party Candidates John Binkowski (running for the 6th District Congressional seat) and Peter Hutchinson (with "Team Minnesota"). Both had a healthy number of volunteers. Binkowski had lots of energy and he got out into the crowd and talked with people. Hutchinson had a flatbed with two sumo wrestlers - one identified as "DFL" and the other identified as "Republican" in his contingent. Ken videotaped the Michele Bachmann contingent and we've got the footage over at Dump Bachmann.

Kathy Saltzman (running against Brian LeClair) had an energized and large contingent. Kathy was out there in the crowd shaking hands and introducing herself to people.

Kids and adults alike were taking stickers from all candidates. It was striking that most candidates there left off the party identification on their signs. This was true of Amy Klobuchar, Mark Kennedy and many others.