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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Video of Colbert Report Going After Ralph Reed and Marilyn Musgrave

Crooks and Liars here.

Doogie at Muskrat Hunt comments:

Ghost Suite gets some new lighting
Spotlighting in fact!!!

Gotta love that Colbert fella.

He must part Cajun he's so good at peggin' Muskrats:

Colorado Representative Marilyn Musgrave. The Christian Coalition gave her a perfect score. And now this good woman is being accused of running her campaign out of her official office, which is illegal. She explained she was just running it out of the same building in Suite 777.

Her critics point out that there is no 777 in that building.
The truth is it's just that non-believers can't see it.

# posted by Doogman @ 10:50 AM

Here's the background on the Ghost Suite. This sounds just like something Michele Bachmann would do.