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Monday, July 24, 2006

Yowling at the Rove Post

Moses rose to the occasion and has done some excellent photoshop work showing Rove meeting the MOBsters. Thanks to MN Observer for the tip.

What goes on behind closed GOP doors?
If you hadn't known, Karl Rove slipped into town last week to raise money for Michele Bachmann's run for Congress in CD6. Some Minnesota right-wing bloggers got the opportunity to meet with the middle aged Boy Wonder. Let's take a guess, courtesy of a sneak peek from Brodkorb's Minnesota Democrats Demonized Demogogued Dehumanized no-no-no, it begins with an "e" Excoriated wait, I think I got it now Exposed:

Rove, Drama Queen and Other MOBsters Dream of a Theocratic Nation

Moses has more of his photoshop work over at Yowling at the Fencepost. Go check it out.