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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Are there Two Gay State PACs in Minnesota?

From Eleventh Avenue South:

OutFront Minnesota, the state's leading GLBT equality organization has launched a Political Action Committee (PAC), the first in the state for GLBT issues.

OutFront Minnesota Action PAC will be working on state Senate and House races, and endorsing those that support the GLBT community and opposing those who work against full rights for GLBT people:

All of the 201 state lawmakers are up for re-election. Many of these candidates stood by our side at the Capitol during the contentious three-year battle against a constitutional amendment. They need our support to continue their courageous work. Many new candidates are running to un-seat anti-GLBT legislators. They need our support to usher in an era of equality. We have the capacity to reach all corners of the state and build a broad base of elected officials who support GLBT equality.

This is a great opportunity for the GLBT community and something that has been sorely needed in recent years.

A commenter writes:

Actually, OutFront has had this PAC for quite a few years. (They just never did anything with it ... including fundraising.)

This "re-launch" might be due to the HRC's launch of a MN PAC, which I hear has raised more than $80K. I don't think HRC would have gone through the effort of setting up a PAC if OutFront wasn't asleep at the wheel for the last few years.

Go figure.
Posted by Marcus at August 28, 2006 11:42 PM

If Lavender Magazine did any political coverage, they'd get to the bottom of this one.