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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Call the New Ulm Chamber of Commerce to Complain about Brad Finstad

Do this on their dime: 1-888-463-9856.

Brad Finstad was the lead negotiator who insisted that this stadium tax was Hennepin County only, rather than statewide.

I called and left a message on their voice mail:

Voters in your area put Brad Finstad in office. He has worked tirelessly to increase Hennepin County sales tax (without voter approval) for a twins stadium. This was something that Finstad wanted for himself and his constituents, but he wanted to charge Hennepin County Residents. As long as Brad Finstad represents the New Ulm area, I will take my tourist dollars elsewhere. I'll drive through his district and pollute the air, but I'll buy gas before or after getting through.

I called using your toll free number so you'd understand how it feels to have people who live outside your area increase your expenses (in my case sales taxes).

I'd like to identify rural legislators who will vote against this sort of larceny.