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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Day 3 of Zimmermann Trial: Dean Z Forced Primary With "Straw Man"

From Randy Furst's article in the Strib:

A U.S. prosecutor played more secretly recorded audio and video on Wednesday, showing former Minneapolis Council Member Dean Zimmermann accepting $1,200 in cash in four envelopes from a condominium developer while standing on a light-rail platform and another $1,000 in cash at his home.

In addition to the exchange of cash between Carlson and Zimmermann, there was this shocker:

Carlson told Zimmermann, "We'll have to get you support for the primary." Zimmermann responded that there was only a primary because of an unknown "straw man ... we put up," creating a primary election.

Although many observers suspcted that the Zimmermann campaign put James Neil Gorham on the ballot to trigger a primary, it was a shock to see Zimmermann boasting about the dirty deed. In the same videotaped conversation, Zimmermann tries to get some money out of Carlson for Dave Bicking:

Zimmermann, a Green Party member who lost a reelection bid last fall, also is seen showing a sample ballot to the developer, Gary A. Carlson, and asking him to make a $600 contribution in cash or check on behalf of Carlson and Carlson's wife to another Green candidate, Dave Bicking, a Ninth Ward City Council candidate.

Tapes and transcripts won't be released until after the trial.

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