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Monday, August 28, 2006

DFL Candidate Fair Schedules

Friday, August 25, 2006
Contact: Jess McIntosh
(651) 251-6315
Nick Kimball
(651) 251-6334

Candidates to speak at the DFL booth
Friday, August 25: Tim Walz, CD1 Congressional candidate

6 pm
Saturday, August 26: Coleen Rowley, CD2 Congressional candidate

6 pm

Sunday, August 27: Rebecca Otto, State Auditor candidate

6 pm

Monday, August 28: Mark Ritchie, Secretary of State candidate

6 pm

Tuesday, August 29: Steve Kelley, Attorney General candidate
6 pm

Wednesday, August 30: Judi Dutcher, Lt. Governor candidate
11:30 am

Thursday, August 31: Mike Hatch, Gubernatorial candidate
6 pm

Friday, September 1: Betty McCollum, CD4 Congressmember
6 pm

Saturday, September 2:Patty Wetterling, CD6 Congressional candidate

6 pm

Sunday, September 3:Keith Ellison, CD5 Congressional candidate

6 pm

Monday, September 4:Wendy Wilde, CD3 Congressional candidate

6 pm


This seems like the perfect opportunity to ask Mike Hatch some questions. The Hatch campaign has never returned my phone calls nor emails. Mike Hatch's campaign doesn't answer the questions from other people who have written him for clarification.

Mike Hatch's record on Gay Issues:

1994: Hatch Rejected Opportunity To Appear Before Minnesota Lesbian/Gay DFL Caucus. "Hatch's troubles began when he rejected the opportunity to appear at a Jan. 22 candidate forum sponsored by the Minnesota Lesbian/Gay DFL Caucus. Every declared DFL candidate for governor attended the candidate screening except Hatch. In declining the invitation, he criticized the group's newsletter for using the word 'queer' and for what he misperceived as the group's top priority - repeal of the sodomy laws." (Editorial, "Hatch's Zeal - Double-Edged Rhetoric On The Gay Issue," Star Tribune, March 14, 1994)

1994: Hatch Accused Minnesota Lesbian/Gay DFL Caucus Of "Pandering." "After the caucus endorsed John Marty, Hatch falsely accused the group of political 'pandering' by sending a letter opposing his candidacy to party activists. 'It's hard to keep focused with the increasing demands of pressure groups who hold candidates hostage to their particular interests,' Hatch said in a Feb. 2 letter to the gay caucus." (Editorial, "Hatch's Zeal - Double-Edged Rhetoric On The Gay Issue," Star Tribune, March 14, 1994)

1994: Star Tribune Editorial Criticized Hatch's "Double-Edged Rhetoric On The Gay Issue." "Gubernatorial candidate Mike Hatch can't have it both ways. On one hand Hatch is sending critical, even strident, messages to gays, lesbians and their supporters. On the other hand, Hatch says he wants to be their friend. he flip-flop might be understandable if Hatch's chief motivation for harsh criticism of a gay political group was to foster greater unity within the DFL Party. However, his verbal and written lashings seem to have no more noble purpose than inciting Minnesotans who dislike gays and lesbians to support his candidacy. In manipulating gay rights supporters, Hatch's zeal to capture the moderate-to-conservative political ground of the DFL Party reveals a weakness that may in the end cost him dearly." (Editorial, "Hatch's Zeal - Double-Edged Rhetoric On The Gay Issue," Star Tribune, March 14, 1994 )

It's worth noting that Stonewall DFL has withheld endorsement from Mike Hatch. Stonewall did swallow hard and endorse Rebecca Otto, who voted in favor of the Bachmann amendment - but only after Otto stated publicly she made a mistake on that vote.

All other DFL Governor Candidates screened with Stonewall DFL. Mike Hatch didn't show up to their meeting, or fill out their questionaire.

Both IP candidates, the Green Party candidate, and the other DFL candidate, Becky Lourey, are demonstrably better than Mike Hatch on gay issues.