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Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Drama Queen and the Ostrow Campaign Star in Another Drama

Drama Queen's posts are here and here:

MN Publius
and Dan Wienand get on the case, and trace the source of efforts to shop this story to the media. City Pages got the same tip Brodkorb did from an anonymous source, who was traced to Paul Ostrow's campaign manager's IP. The email that tipped off Brodkorb isn't available - and Brodkorb protects his sources. Many assume Brodkorb's source was also Jason Amundsen, Paul Ostrow's campaign manager.

Campaign managers for campaigns should not be hiding their identity to send tips to reporters. Candidates should not stand for this behavior should it get exposed.

Would I post similar information about Michele Bachmann, if I received it? Probably not. My blog, Dump Michele Bachmann has been about Michele Bachmann's public record. Posting stuff like this would make the blog less credible.