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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ember Supporter Art Higinbotham Plays the Muslim Card Against Keith Ellison

From Truth Surfer:

Ember - The Right Wing Christian Extremist?
I received a letter today from Art Higinbotham, an Ember Reichgott Junge supporter, in which there are several fairly nasty comments about everyone in the race, except Ember of course.

Here are some highlights (emphasis mine):

Her endorsed DFL opponent, Keith Ellison, has had limited political experience in the Minnesota House… While he shares Senator Reichgott's positions on key issues of importance to DFLers, we have not heard him renounce the aspects of Islam that are anathema to our American belief system, such as death for apostasy and the subordination of women.

Wow, and when did all practitioners of Islam become extremists? Oh yeah

When I sent this to Ember's campaign, her campaign manager Lori Jacobsen claimed this was the first they'd heard of this letter. I've requested a written statement from their campaign on their reaction to this campaign tactic. I'll post it should I get a copy.