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Monday, August 21, 2006

Fallout for Pawlenty

"The Era of Small Government is Over" - Governor Tim Pawlenty

David Strom:

But today, I have to say, Pawlenty pretty much reached that point for me. And with one sentence: "The era of small government is over."

His words, not mine.

Tim Pawlenty, Republican Governor, has declared that the era of small government is over.

I guess, in a simply factual way, the era of small government ended sometime betweent the initiation of the progressive era and the beginning of WWII, but I somehow don’t think that’s quite what Pawlenty is referring to. Instead, he appears to be suggesting that us limited government types who have been trying to wrestle with the growing size and scope of government are passe. These days, using government’s coercive power to achieve your goals is in! The next wave. What Republicans are, or should be, about.

All I can say is, if that is where the Republican Party is going, or for that matter where our young, hip, and politically skilled Governor wants to take us, I’m not on board! Basically, the version of politics Pawlenty is hawking is one of competing interests trying to wrestle control over the power of the state to distribute the goodies. The Democrats give the goodies to the unions and public employees, the Republicans to the farmers and through new middle class entitlements like free college tuition.

In other words, the Republican Party becomes a mirror to the Democrat party: a shill for a particular group of interests, just different ones. Republicans don’t believe in limited government, but rather using government power for OUR aims, not theirs.

That's not a political movement I can belong to. Freedom, free markets, opportunity, equal rights, limited government, constitutional rights., equality under the law. Those aren't empty words, but the guiding lights of the conservative movement.

If the era of small government (as an ideal) is over, then God help us all.

Posted by David at around evening time.

Marty Andrade:

David Strom, on his radio program, made the connection that resonated with me; Tim Pawlenty is the Republican version of Bill Clinton. Clinton made the infamous statement that "The era of big government is over." The similarity between Clinton's statement and TPaw's is eery and probably purposeful.

I invite anyone to make the case for me to vote for Pawlenty in the general election. I have strived in my life to find the balance between my ideology and the necessity of winning elections. A party is useless if it has no principles and principles are useless without political influence. As far as I'm concerned right now, the positions Pawlenty has been advocating for lately are contrary to my principles. In fact, Pawlenty calls into question all of my beliefs regarding size and role of government in the economy.

Please try to do better than "Pawlenty is bad but Hatch is worse." Such arguments do have some merit. However, I have considered this argument and I'm not convinced by it right now. I would rather regain some of my principles and face a Hatch governorship then lose all I have come to believe as a fiscal conservative.

This is probably the last opportunity to send me back to the Pawlenty camp (not to add anymore pressure).

Tim Pawlenty really baited his base. Was that his intention?